EAGLEFLASH(8)		FreeBSD System Manager's Manual 	 EAGLEFLASH(8)


     eagleflash -- upload the firmware to an USB ADSL modem based on the Ana-
     log Devices Eagle chipset


     eagleflash [-f device]


     The eagleflash tool uses the ugen(4) device to upload the fimware to an
     USB ADSL modem supported by the ueagle(4) driver.

     When called without any option, eagleflash will scan all USB controllers
     present on your machine. It will then upload the firmware to the first
     modem it found and exit. When called with the -f option, eagleflash will
     try to upload the firmware to the specified device device

     eagleflash chooses the correct firmware automatically depending on the
     vendor Id/product Id pair of the modem.

     When the modem is plugged on the USB bus, it appears as a pre-firmware
     modem and waits for a firmware to be sent to him. Once the firmware has
     been sent to the modem, the modem will disappear and reappear on the bus
     a short time later with a new vendor Id/product Id pair. It should then
     be recognized by the ueagle(4) driver.


     A typical invocation of eagleflash should be:

	   eagleflash -f /dev/ugen0


     eagleflash: Sorry, no pre-firmware modem found!  eagleflash was called
     without any option and no pre-firmware modem was found on any USB con-

     eagleflash: /dev/ugen%d: Not a pre-firmware device!  eagleflash was
     called with the -f option and the firmware has already been uploaded to
     the modem or the specified ugen(4) device is not an USB ADSL modem sup-
     ported by the ueagle(4) driver.


     ueagle(4), ugen(4), eaglectl(8)


     The eagleflash utility and this man page were written by Damien Bergamini

FreeBSD 6.0			October 4, 2003 		   FreeBSD 6.0