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Frequently Asked Questions

What hardware does this driver support?

The uEagle driver supports USB ADSL modems based on the Analog Devices Eagle chipset. The following modems have been reported to work:

  • Sagem F@st 800
  • Comtrend CT-350

The following modems should also be supported although they have not been tested:

  • Sagem F@st 908 (USB mode)
  • Comtrend CT-361
  • Allied Telesyn AT-AR 215
  • Telindus ND 220
  • U.S. Robotics USR9000

Here is a picture of the Eagle chipset (F@st 800 USB):
Eagle chipset

What OS does this driver support?

Currently, the driver works under FreeBSD 5.3, NetBSD 2.0 and OpenBSD 3.6. An effort is made to keep in sync with -CURRENT branches but it is possible that the driver will not compile from time to time under -CURRENT.

Does this driver supports non-i386 architectures?

Great care has been taken to avoid endianness problems during development. Thus, the driver should work with non-i386 architectures although it has not been tested.

How can I know the type of my USB controller?

There are mainly two kinds of USB controllers: UHCI (Intel, VIA, ...) and OHCI (Compaq, SiS, ...). To know the type of your USB controller, you can use the "usbdevs -v" command or the "dmesg | grep -i hci" command.

What protocol/encapsulation does this driver support?

The driver supports PPPoA (vcmux) through userland ppp and IPoA (in both vcmux and LLC encapsulations) through native ATM NATM stack.

Which provider does this driver support?

Any ISP supporting one of the aforementioned protocol/encapsulation should work with the driver. The driver has been reported to work with the french providers Free (en mode dégroupé et non-dégroupé) and 9Télécom and the Polish provider Neostrada.

What parameters (VPI/VCI/Protocol/...) should I use for my connection?

This depends on you ISP. A non-exhaustive list of configuration settings is available here.

How can I get information about my connection status?

You can use the "eaglectl -i ueagle0" command at any time during connection to get upstream/downstream statistics.

How can I increase the verbosity level of the driver?

You can use the "sysctl hw.usb.ueagle.debug=X" command, where X is a number representing the verbosity level. 0 means no debugging messages at all. An average value of 3 will give you some interesting information about what's happening during synchronization and can help you resolve potential problems. A value of 10 will give you a lot of debugging messages and should only be used if you have connection problems.

Where does the debugging messages go?

Debugging messages are sent to the system console. They are usually recorded into the /var/log/messages file. If you are under XWindow, you can see these messages by using the xconsole command.

Is the ueagle driver a port of the "Analog Devices Eagle driver for Linux"?

Not at all. It is a complete rewriting of the Linux driver with an emphasis on performances and readability. It is distributed under the BSD License.

Is IPv6 supported?

Yes. If your ISP doesn't support native IPv6, you can setup a tunnel (IPv6 over IPv4). You can read the IPv6 section of the FreeBSD handbook for more information on setting up such a tunnel.

My box crashes from time to time (FreeBSD 4.x) or I get the message "Host controller halted" (FreeBSD 5.x)?

This is a known issue. It affects only some USB UHCI controllers and it seems to happen more frequently under heavy load. Ongoing work is trying to fix this. USB seems to be more stable under FreeBSD 5.x than under 4.x. If you have this kind of problem under 4.x, you should try with the latest release in the 5.x branch.

My modem fails to synchronize and/or I get the message "ueagle0: synchronization failed"? I have no such problem under Windows/Linux/...

It happens with some USB controllers under FreeBSD 4.x. Switching to FreeBSD 5.x will solve your problem in most cases.

I didn't find an answer to my question here. Where can I ask more specific questions about the driver?

A forum is dedicated to this purpose. Please do not send email directly to the author except for very specific questions or problems. When posting on the forum, try to give as much information as you can. Interesting information include system version, driver version, debug messages, type of modem, result of the "usbdevs -v" command and logs from ppp when meaningful.

How can I contribute to the development of the driver?

Any contribution to the driver or to this web site is welcome! Simply contact me by email.
If you are not into coding, you can still help by testing the latest version of the driver and reporting bugs. Testing the driver under FreeBSD-CURRENT and reporting compilation problems will also help.

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