Analog Devices® Eagle® driver for *BSD



ueagle-1.5.tgz - 386KB - released on 2004-11-11

  • Uses latest DSP code from Analog Devices
  • Installs properly under NetBSD and OpenBSD
  • Drop support for FreeBSD 4.x

ueagle-2.0p1.tgz - 383KB - released on 2004-08-22

  • No longer necessary to recompile your kernel (works with a GENERIC kernel)
  • Modem is shown as an Ethernet interface
  • Supports dhclient
  • Should support PPPoE (though not tested)
  • Not compatible with keagle
  • Only for FreeBSD-CURRENT

ueagle-1.4p1.tgz (Obsolete) - 385KB - released on 2004-08-29

  • No longer necessary to send the DSP code
  • Module support under NetBSD-CURRENT
  • Support FreeBSD-CURRENT and NetBSD-CURRENT

ueagle-1.3.tgz (Obsolete) - 487KB - released on 2004-03-08

  • Correct some synchronization problems
  • Try to avoid USB host controller errors
  • Add support for FreeBSD-CURRENT (2004-03-08)
  • Restructuration of eaglectl (addition of -i option)
  • Add support for KEagle

ueagle-1.2.tgz (Obsolete) - 486KB - released on 2004-02-02

  • Major code cleanup and restructuration
  • Correct a problem affecting OpenBSD 3.4
  • Add support for NetBSD-CURRENT (thanks to QuiRK)
  • Add support for netgraph (FreeBSD 5.2)
  • Advanced ATM statistics (option -v of eaglectl)
  • eagleflash now detects automatically the location of the modem on the USB
  • Easier configuration of adsl-up
  • Addition of eagle_pppoa and eagle_ipoa scripts

ueagle-1.1.tgz (Obsolete) - 486KB - released on 2003-12-15
This release introduces compatibility with NetBSD and OpenBSD. It has also enhanced performances.

  • Compatibility with NetBSD 1.6.1 and OpenBSD 3.4
  • New tool bnm2dsp to convert a set of .bnm files into a .dsp file
  • Better performances (direct network buffers to DMA transfers)
  • Improved stability (many bugs fixed)

ueagle-1.0.tgz (Obsolete) - 476KB - released on 2003-10-08
This is the latest STABLE release. The code has reached a good level of stability and maturity. Among the new improvements:

  • Major code cleanup
  • Correct many bugs
  • Improve upstream performances
  • More robust initialization sequence
  • It is now possible to reset the modem with eaglectl -r
  • Add man pages for ueagle, eaglectl and eagleflash
  • Makefile works without any errors under FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE

ueagle-1.0p1.tgz (Obsolete) - 476KB - released on 2003-09-15
Among the new improvements:

  • Add support for FreeBSD-CURRENT (2003-09-15)
  • Add support for FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE
  • Add support for NetBSD 1.6.1 (IPoA mode only)
  • Add support for G.Lite modulation
  • Correct some known bugs

ueagle-0.99b.tgz (Obsolete) - 475KB - beta version - released on 2003-09-08
This version is a beta version and it is far from being complete. Many things are missing such as OAM cells processing, G.Lite modulation ... There are also many known bugs so use it at your own risk!


keagle-1.1.tbz - 9KB - released on 2004-11-11
Add support for uEagle 1.5 and KDE 3.2. Add a "News" tab tab to help you stay up to date with uEagle releases.

keagle-1.0.tbz - 9KB - released on 2004-03-13
This is the first release of the KEagle tool. You need KDE 3.1 or later and ueagle 1.3 or later to install it.

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