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KEagle - uEagle monitor for KDE

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KEagle is a small KDE applet written in C++ that permits you to monitor your modem state easily. It is at a very early development stage and it has only a few features for the moment (this is my first KDE app)! The only goal of this small application is ... FUN!


Here are some screenshots of KEagle monitor in action!

DSL Statistics Page
DSL Page
ATM Statistics Page
ATM Page
USB Page
USB page
News Page
News page

KEagle installation

First you must download KEagle here. To install KEagle, you must have KDE 3.1 or later already installed on your system. KEagle has not been tested with older versions of KDE. KEagle also requires ueagle 1.3 or later. To install KEagle, use the following commands:

% tar xzvf keagle.tbz
% cd keagle/
% make depend
% make
% make install

Note that KEagle is just a monitor. It isn't able to establish the connection itself. To run KEagle, you can select KEagle from the 'Utilities' submenu of the KDE start menu or just type 'keagle' on the command line. Only one instance of KEagle can run at the same time. A green icon (indicating your connection status) will appear on the taskbar. You can click on it to display the monitor window.

KEagle icon

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